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Meet our Team

At Sage Veterinary Center, we are incredibly proud of the care we provide every day. Learn more about our talented team and why we love what we do!

Our founders, Dr. Ashley Beard and Dr. Kira Purdon met while working together in general practice and quickly bonded over their similar vision for improving the world of veterinary medicine, both for pets and their humans. Having both established roots in Jersey city, they quickly fell in love with the vibrant community. It was an easy decision to build a clinic in Hamilton Park, where they could bring this shared vision to life.

Meet Our Veterinarians

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Ashley Beard, DVM, CCRT


You could say Dr. Beard grew up as the main literary character in an old novel about a wholesome child raised on a farm, dreaming of one day becoming a veterinarian. To further typecast, she even worked with her horses’ veterinarian in high school. Surrounded by a plethora of critters from pigs and goats to rabbits and dogs, she first left her home in Monmouth County to attend undergrad at Loyola University in Maryland and then on to fulfill her dream to obtain her doctorate of veterinary medicine from Tufts in Massachusetts. Degree in hand, Jersey City was the first place Dr. Beard landed. Though she did find herself in NYC for a bit, New Jersey called her home and she is here to stay.

Within moments of meeting Dr. Beard, it is apparent that she was not only born to improve the lives of animals, but to translate their needs to humans. Her main interests in veterinary medicine are senior care and chronic pain management. Having three differently abled cats of her own (two with three legs, and one with no eyes), she is no stranger to the unique methods it takes to improve each animal’s quality of life. Every animal is different, and so is their treatment plan. She is exceptionally passionate about her work with rescue organizations and helping all pets live comfortably in their forever homes. Outside of the hospital, you can probably find Dr. Beard and her husband Joe, hiking up a mountain on their journey to becoming Adirondack 46ers, trying a new exciting local restaurant, or simply snuggling their cats.


Kira Purdon, DVM, CVA


If we showed you Dr. Purdon’s path to becoming a veterinarian as a movie, it would be the kind where you were blown away by the strong female lead’s purposefulness and confidence; the kind of movie you’d hope your daughters would see. Dr. Purdon left her Florida hometown to study pre-med at Northeastern University, where she found herself volunteering at a Boston animal shelter because she missed her dogs and cats back at home. She quickly became invested in the shelter’s law enforcement division and just as quickly came to an epiphany that she wanted to dedicate her life to helping animals. Medicine was already her passion and although she loves people, these animals had no voice and someone needed to advocate for them. The best way to do this was to become a veterinarian. So, off to Cornell’s school of Veterinary Medicine she went. While completing internships at Cornell Vet and Animal Medical Center, Dr. Purdon became especially interested in emergency medicine, surgery, and improving the lives of senior pets.

Using the doctorate she obtained with the energy a Boston shelter instilled, she finds nothing more fulfilling than helping animals that would otherwise suffer. She eventually transitioned out of emergency medicine as she craved long lasting relationships with these animals and their owners. What better a place to foster those relationships than Jersey City? She happily planted her roots just minutes from Sage in Hamilton Park. Here, she is able to apply her dynamic and integrative approach in the community she lives in. When she isn’t performing a head to tail exam, Dr. Purdon is likely logging more dives as a master scuba diver, cuddling up with her rescue dog and senior rescue cat, or enjoying her life at home as a new mom with her husband, David.

Dr. Diane Matute

Dr. Diane Matute, DVM


Dr. Matute was born and raised in Elizabeth, New Jersey, surrounded by family pets. Originally studying Archaeology in her undergrad years at Drew University, she quickly decided she’d rather give a dog a bone than dig one up herself! The epiphany came to her during her college years while working at doggy daycares and volunteering at St. Hubert’s animal shelter, where she felt pure joy providing care to all types of cats and dogs. She was able to combine her love of animals and science in an academic setting at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine and Louisiana State University.

Dr. Matute is especially interested in chronic disease management, senior care, and nutrition. For her, there is nothing better than watching an animal heal and recover, and being part of the reason our furry friends live long, happy, healthy lives! She couldn’t imagine a better place to be a healer than Sage.

A self-proclaimed homebody, when Dr. Matute isn’t tending to your fur baby, she is likely at home, snuggled up with a good book and her cat, Kitty, or practicing the violin. When she ventures out, she is ice-skating, hiking, and enjoying nature.

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