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Diagnostic Services

Diagnostics are an integral part of veterinary medicine and we place a strong emphasis on utilizing exceptional diagnostic tools.

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In-house Laboratory

Our pets cannot tell us what’s wrong, and that’s why laboratory tests and diagnostic imaging are so important. But we do more than just offer you state-of-the-art diagnostic tests, we choose the tests that will guide us toward the perfect, tailor-made solution for your pet’s needs.

Our hospital is equipped with in-house laboratory testing. We are committed to providing accurate and timely lab results for the benefit of your pet thanks to our extensive in-house laboratory capabilities.


A radiograph (X-ray) is a type of image that looks inside the body and reveals information that may not be discernible from the outside. Radiography can be used to evaluate your pet’s internal organs like the heart, lungs, and abdominal organs, as well as bones. When it comes to diagnosing your pet accurately, radiology can be an extremely valuable tool in our diagnostic arsenal.

Digital radiographs are routinely used to diagnose and examine broken bones, obstructions, arthritis, and masses. We use digital radiographs to confirm pregnancies or detect ingested objects.


Ultrasonography, or ultrasound, is a diagnostic imaging technique, often used in conjunction with radiography and other diagnostics. It allows us to visualize certain organs, including the heart, kidneys, liver, gallbladder, bladder, spleen, and intestines. It can also be useful to detect and monitor pregnancy. We work closely with specialists – people who have dedicated their entire lives to imaging – so you get the most out of this fantastic diagnostic tool.