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Rehab FAQ’s


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Rehab FAQs

How do I set up the initial consultation?

To set up the initial consultation, you can either call our office at (201)499-1101 or have your vet complete our veterinary referral form online and we will contact you directly. Please be aware that we do require a veterinary referral from your primary vet or specialty vet prior to the appointment. Let us know if you are unable to get a veterinary referral prior to the appointment. The referral form can be found at

What does the initial consultation include?
During the initial consultation we will discuss your pet’s concerns and perform a comprehensive examination of your pet’s musculoskeletal, soft tissue and neurological health to pinpoint areas needing attention. We’ll discuss these findings with you and create a personalized treatment plan for your pet. Depending on your pets needs and time left during the appointment we may also start treatment that day
What does a follow up treatment session include?
Sessions are 50-minutes long and include a combination of laser therapy, manual therapy, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, either underwater or land treadmill exercises, and therapeutic exercises tailored to your pet’s specific needs. We do not offer a la carte services.
When can my pet be seen after surgery?
We typically start rehab two weeks after most orthopedic surgeries. Please discuss with your veterinarian the best option for your pet.
Do I need a veterinary referral?
Yes, please have your primary care veterinarian or specialty veterinarian complete the brief referral form online prior to your initial appointment.
What type of Laser is used at Sage Canine Rehabilitation Center?
We use the Respond Systems Luminex Class 3b Laser with a 1W continuous wave probe and a Super-Pulse probe.
Do you treat cats?
Yes, we do work with cats. They may have different needs compared to our canine friends, but we always find innovative ways to accommodate their unique requirements.
What if my pet is afraid of the vet or new people?
We believe in taking a low stress and fear free approach to care for your pet. Our initial consultation and sessions are long so we can take the time to understand your pet, build trust and create a positive and rewarding experience. We use treats to ensure that every session in rehab is a positive one. For pets that are more fearful, we may not complete a full exam during the first visit, and that’s perfectly fine. We’ll gradually do more as your pet gets more comfortable.
Can I stay during the rehab session with my dog?
Yes! You are welcome to stay during the session. We also offer a seating area outside of the rehab room with a glass window for you to observe your pet, or if you prefer, you can drop your pet off for their session and come back at the end. Whatever is most comfortable for your pet works for us.
Do you take pet insurance?
Many insurances cover rehabilitation services however every insurance plan differs in coverage. We suggest contacting your insurance provider prior to your rehab consultation to confirm coverage.
Is parking available?
There is street parking as well as a parking garage located in Newport Centre that is a 3 minute drive or a 9 minute walk away